Cause saying Tazilp is just amazing. But that's not my name. I'm Lesty (Celeste) am much too Canadian at times, sometimes I know how to draw, and I love Jellyfish as well as you of course.
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I just goy a wave of excitement for going on my exchange cause SEEING FIANCES!
Makes me so happy~

Diggin the completed Self-portrait tho




Thank you so much! And many thanks to all those that added nice comments to the previous comic strip. I really really did appreciate that. 

(pssst lil bonus)

I’m 85 people from 1,000 followers, what is life?!


tazilp replied to your post:When people say you suck I like to just reply with…

you’re going to hell

but mooooom!

NO BUTS! Now go to your room and think about your eternal damnation!


Toudou calls Makishima “Daddy” during sex

Daddy Longlegs


I need to work on my sleeping schedule. I seriously need to start sleeping earlier



This is my headcanon for the ending of Pacific Rim.

All credit to

are you telling me that this is not the ending of Pacific Rim

  • person: I can't tell what gender you are!!11!1!?
  • me: good
ok so heres the thing



i hate asking people for money. or stuff. or anything really. i dont like it, i dont like being in debt and i try and get out of it as soon as possible.

that being said im about to ask for money. 

if anyone reading this has anything they would be able to loan me, that i would pay back in full as soon as humanly possible, or completely willing to do a variety of things for you in return, please please please let me know. I am in desperate need for reasons stated under the jump.

I also have a few things for sale (a bass amp, desk light, old alarm clock, some clothing, etc) incase youre interested and live relatively close to the victoria area.

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ok i know no one reads my posts, and thats fine whatever but if there is one post you will read please read this one. its essentially a last ditch effort at this point, i have until the 30th and it isnt looking good. any tiny bit would help, and so far i have nothing. thanks. 


Rick out again